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  • Two-page limit - A4 Standard is requested.
  • Please make sure that your Abstract Reference Number (4-digits) appears in the upper right-hand corner, your primary category choice appears in the upper left-hand corner and your request for "Poster" presentation appear in the center, if applicable.
  • All of text must fit on the first page, as outlined in the sample abstract.
  • The text (title and section headers excluded) is limited to no more than 600 words and please indicate the word count at the bottom of your abstract
  • All figures and tables should appear on the second page
  • Make sure that all figures and photographs are clearly visible. If the program committees cannot clearly see and understand the role of the visual material included in the abstract, the material and consequently the abstract likely will be viewed negatively.
  • References (in short format) can go on either page.
  • All abstracts will be considered for Oral and Poster/Oral presentation unless submitting author specifically requests Poster presentation. Some high-quality papers are better suited for poster presentation, and they should thus not be seen as lower quality compared to oral papers targeting a broader audience.
  • We recommend this format be used since the Extended Paper for the Technical Digest will have a similar layout (as seen in Word and PDF Example)
    • Set up the document layout to 20.98 cm x 29.69 cm (8.26" x 11.69"), and define 1.9 cm (0.75") wide left and right margins. The bottom and top margins must be 2.54 cm (1").
    • Define a two-column layout, with a space of 0.25 inches (0.6 cm) between the two columns.
    • Use Times New Roman throughout the entire abstract.
    • Title: 12 points, bold, with ALL CAPS;
    • Section Headers: 11 points, bold, underlined;
    • Text body: 11 points, regular; paragraphs with 0.25 inches (0.6 cm) indent
    • Figure captions: 10 points, italic;
    • Table captions: 10 points, italic;
    • References: 11 points, regular, numbered in [ ].
Upon acceptance of your abstract, it should be understood that:
  1. One author from your paper is required to register and present your paper at the Transducers 2019 - EUROSENSORS XXXIII Conference.
  2. You are required to submit your four-page Extended Manuscript and copyright form by 26th March 2019 for placement in the Technical Digest.
  3. Registration will be completed and paid upon submission of final manuscript by 26 March 2019.
Abstract Template Sample Abstract

Transducer conferences often receive abstracts with highly interesting R&D results that fail to be accepted because they are written with insufficient quality (text and figures).

To show prospective authors, in particular new students who plan to submit their work, we are providing a sample abstract, with approval from authors, that was submitted to Transducers 2017. It was highly ranked in the peer review evaluation process and was nominated for a paper award. It can thus be considered as a good example of a high quality abstract. Feel free to adopt a similar style when preparing your results for Transducers 2019 abstract submission.

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